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Sunset to Sunrise Ministries

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Love Unlocked Healing Art Therapy Program


 O ur healing arts programs are a platform to release hope and

healing to the broken so that they can become free from their hurts, habits, and hang ups while empowering them to be able to live a life filled with the purpose for which God created them. 

     Love Unlocked Dance, Music & Art Therapy Programs encourage clients to use expressive movement, art media, and the creative process to explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness,

manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem. The goal is to improve his or her sense of personal well-being.

Love Unlocked works with people of all ages: youth, foster youth,

aged out foster youth, trafficked women and homeless individuals, couples, family groups and communities. They provide services, individually and as part of clinical teams, in settings that include mental health, rehabilitation, medical and forensic institutions; community outreach facilities; wellness centers; schools; nursing homes; corporations; open studios

and independent practices.

  • Readers Become Leaders Literacy: teach individual and group literacy classes with prince and princess book reading and activities.

  • Daily Bread Culinary Arts: teach basic, intermediate and advanced cooking skills from basic everyday meals to etiquette at a 5 star restaurant with emphasis on healthy eating choices.

  • Rise to Royalty Etiquette: teach etiquette, table decor, and behavior through a high tea service.

  • Sounds of Worship: teach basic, intermediate and advanced level singing classes.

  • Devine Dance: teach basic, intermediate and advanced dance and creative movement.

  • Echoes & Banners of Praise: teach the art of song, dance, and use of worship flags.

  • Keys to the Kingdom Devotional: teach the art of scriptures, cultivating prayers, expressing thanksgiving, and expressively writing in a devotional prayer book.

  • Righteous Resume Writing: teach the skill of writing a resume using work, volunteer, and life experiences.

  • Miraculous Mock Interview: teach, prepare, and practice interview skill tactics for gainful employment opportunities. 

  • Prophetic Painting: teach individual and group painting lessons on canvas, ceramics, glass, and other mediums to express their story.

  • Devout Drawing: teach basic, intermediate and advanced level drawing lessons to express their story.

  • Unlock Your Potential Writing:  teach the art of journaling, vision boards, poetry writing, song writing, short story writing, writing plays and other writing pieces.

  • Shepherd Sewing: teach basic, intermediate and advanced sewing skills to create costumes, worship flags, and other art pieces.

  • Precious Jewelry Making: teach how to design, create, and assemble individual art pieces.

  • Abundant Harvest Gardening: teach how to design, create, and assemble individual garden pieces using a variety of gardening techniques.

  • Faithful Fitness Exercise: teach individual and group exercise lessons with emphasis on physical activity, positive reinforcement and healthy eating choices.

  • Angelic Acting: teach individual and group classes in which artists audition for all parts, practice their roles and put on a play for the community to raise money for the Love Unlocked Programs.

  • Anointed Oil Making: teach individual and group anointed oil making classes lessons with emphasis on spiritual meaning.

  • Identi-Tea Service & Fellowship: teach the art of identity.

  • Amazing Grace Bible Study: teach lessons of the bible.

  • Foundational Financial Literacy: teach individual and group financial literacy classes with prince or princess instruction and activities.

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