International Impact

Love Unlocked has partnered with Global Hope International in Jordan, True Holiness Church in Pakistan, Calvary Christian School in Uganda, The Bible Society in Israel, Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation in Jerusalem, Al Basma Special Rehabilitation Centre in Bethlehem, Ramla / Ramalah Christian Outreach (RCO) Ministries in Israel and Palestine to support our brothers and sisters around the  world. We have gone on mission trips, provided supplies, programs, and donations to these causes throughout the years.

Global Hope International

True Holiness Church




Shawn I. Haddad School Pakistan Hope For Everyday

For Christian and Formal Education


Calvary Christian School


The Bible Society


Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation


Ramla / Ramalah Christian Outreach (RCO) Ministries




Al Basma Special Rehabilitation Centre

Mission Trips

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