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Candace Williams - Vice President

Candace is an experienced event management professional with over ten years of experience. She has organized and coordinated exhibition openings, weddings, corporate events, and private parties. She also has extensive experience planning events specifically for nonprofits, including fundraisers, silent auctions and golf tournaments.

She has a Bachelor’s degree from Portland State University. Growing up in a small town of no more than 1000 people in rural Southern Oregon, where Candace lived with her dysfunctional family.  Candace was the kid who took in stray animals (even the ones with tags, “they need love too”) feeding and loving them.  


At age 7 Candace started to bring friends and children from the town, who did not have much, to her treehouse. Candace would give them food, toys, and clothes. Candace had her own giving tree. There was rarely a hungry mouth as long as she was around. She found her calling: it was to help others.


This community spirit of helping others still runs through her today. Working on the board with Love Unlocked and the Women Walking In Purpose (WWIP) Auxiliary has given her the opportunity to truly help children and others in the community in need.

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